New To The Idea Of A DST 1031? Important Information For Real Estate Investors

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In the United States, some or all of the proceeds from the sale of a personal residence may be protected from capital gains taxation, depending on the amount of the calculated gain and other established criteria. The proceeds from the sale of an investment property, such as income-producing apartments and single-family homes, however, are subject to capital gains taxes.  Real estate investors, especially those in the process of building a profitable portfolio, must carefully consider the impact of potential capital gains taxes on their business and look for ways to minimize or avoid it.

24 September 2020

4 Things You Need to Know About Checking Accounts

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Few financial tools are as important in modern life as checking accounts. They make it possible to put money to use quickly while also keeping it secure until needed. Finding the right checking account financial solution for you, though, can be a little challenging. Take a look at what you should know about checking accounts before selecting one. 1. Fees Although free checking accounts are fairly common, that's not quite the same as an account being fee-free.

10 July 2020