Why Collect Coins In Sets?

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If you want to start a coin collection, but aren't sure where to start, then you can look at collecting sets of coins. For example, you could collect types of coins by denomination or era. Or, you could focus on a theme within a certain historical period.

What are the benefits of collecting coin sets?

Get A Focus For Your Collection

Collecting coins can be a good investment that is also a satisfying hobby. However, you might find it hard to build a collection at the start. You might choose a focus that is too broad to give you the results you want.

For example, say you decide to collect ancient Greek coins. You shouldn't have a problem picking up coins; however, you might feel overwhelmed by choice. Your target market is too broad.

However, if you choose a set as the starting point of your collection, then you focus on fewer coins. For example, you could start to collect Greek tetradrachms. These coins come in different shapes, sizes, and designs, and it won't take you long to build a coherent small collection that you can add to overtime.

Buy Based On Your Interests

While you might see your coin collection as a long-term investment, there's no reason why you can't have some fun as you collect. Rather than buying disparate coins in which you have no real interest, you can buy sets in themes.

So, for example, if you like military history, then you could focus on buying coins that depict war images such as armor, weapons, battles, and victories. If you like animals, then you could collect coins with images of animals on them. If you're interested in the designs of your coins, you'll enjoy your collection more.

Build Attractive Collections For Future Sales

While you shouldn't have a problem selling on valuable coins if you ever want to realize your assets, you might find it easier and faster to sell sets. For example, buyers might also be interested in buying a theme in which they have an interest, or they might see your sets as a complementary addition to their own collections.

In some cases, a full set of coins with an interesting theme could actually be worth more than the value of its individual pieces. For example, if you collect Byzantine coins minted by different ruling dynasties, say by one or more emperors, then a keen collector might be prepared to pay more to get a full set.

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18 March 2022

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