Tips For Keeping Your Antique Maps In Good Condition

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Many people will enjoy the aesthetics that antique maps can provide as decorations. Whether you are looking to create a sophisticated appearance for your office or home, antique maps can be the perfect addition. However, these maps can be rather rare, which will make them extremely valuable. If you are to prevent your antique maps from suffering damages that could compromise their condition, you should learn the basics of caring for these maps before you invest in one.

Invest In A Suitable Display Case

It is likely that you will want these maps to be focal points for the rooms that they will decorate. However, you will need to be sure that these maps are kept in suitable display cases at all times. In addition to protecting the maps against humidity, these enclosures will also help to prevent individuals from touching the maps as oil from the skin can be very damaging to these documents. When choosing enclosure, you should avoid using a traditional frame as these can trap moisture, which may degrade the paper. Rather, you will want to use a frame or case that is specifically designed for old documents as these items will be extremely frail.

Protect The Maps While They Are Being Stored

There can be instances where you may not want to display these maps. This can be common for those that like to regularly change their decorations or that are packing for a move. When preparing these documents for storage, you should take great care to invest in a suitable long-term storage container as these containers are designed to be extremely durable so that they will keep your documents safe during their time in storage. To prevent these items from cluttering their home or office, individuals will often store these maps in rental storage units during the times when they are not needed. If you plan on using one of these units to store your antique maps, you should pay extra for a climate controlled unit as this will protect your maps from temperature and humidity swings.

Keep The Maps Away From Windows

As you are considering where to place these items in your room, you should be mindful of the hazards that windows can pose to antique documents. When these documents are exposed to intense sunlight and drastic temperature changes, the ink and paper can rapidly degrade. Due to the fact that these issues are the most prevalent near the window, you should position the antique maps so that they out of the path of direct sunlight and at least several feet away from the window.

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19 October 2017

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