New Boutique Shops: 4 Ways To Use A Commercial Lending Loan For Small Business Saturday

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When opening a new boutique store, it's important to reach out to the customers and community to showcase your goods and everything you have to offer. One of the best ways to do this is on Small Business Saturday. The annual shopping day occurs on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and is promoted all over the United States. In the months leading up to the event, your business can prepare to showcase your goods and the handle the needs of extra shoppers. Instead of going into the holiday with limited resources, you can get a loan from commercial lending services and use the extra funds to fully prepare the shopping day. There are four different ways to use the loan that can help make the holiday a success for your business.

Packaging & Bags

Showcasing your brand is an essential part of Small Business Saturday. During the shopping event, you want to have an impact on the customers that visit and have them remember your business. One way to do this is with the packaging and bags that you provide. Being close to Christmas, it's a good idea to provide free gift wrapping for purchases. A commercial lending loan can provide the extra funds to purchase wrapping paper, ribbon, and bows. You can also order custom bags that feature your store logo, contact information, and branding colors. This is a great way to promote your business as guests carry the bags and use them for other purchases. By using loan money, you can purchase these items in bulk and have plenty on hand during the shopping day.

Promotional Items

Much like Black Friday, many consumers are looking for great deals on Small Business Saturday. One way that you can offer special deals is with promotional items. These are free gifts or samples that come included with every purchase. One way to offer a promotional item is by purchasing custom company logo products. Small items like pens, mugs or candy tins can feature your logo printed directly on them. The loan money can also be used to purchase bulk sample items of products you may offer. For example, if your store sells skin care products, then you can purchase a bulk case of lotion samples to hand out with each purchase. The gifts may be small, but they add a nice touch to each transaction that customers make.

Extra Inventory

As you prepare for an increase in customers, you may not have the proper inventory to supply all the goods that are needed. One way to help with this is by using a loan to stock up on extra inventory for your store. Having the items directly on hand can make a big difference in customer satisfaction and purchasing. Instead of creating special orders or losing a sale, you can sell through products and have plenty of key items available for the shoppers that come to visit your store. After Small Business Saturday passes, any leftover items can be further used for the rest of holiday shopping season.

Advertising Costs

To help get the word out about your sales and Small Business Saturday promotions, you may want to run various ads. Online ads and print ads can be funded with a small commercial lending loan. This can help ensure that you build a good word of mouth and make the whole shopping day really worth it. Using the ads, you have the ability to showcase key products, sales, and even offer coupons for customers that come to shop on the one-day only sale. By having the extra funds for advertising, you will reach a wider consumer base and really help increase the amount of customers that come to visit your business.

Contact commercial lending services for more information on loan offerings and ways to get extra cash flow for supporting your business.


11 July 2016

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